Cookie Jam is a game released by Jam City (formerly SGN). It's a game where the player must fill the orders so he can win the levels.


Cookie JamEdit

Crunch your cookies before they crumble! Sprinkled with a deliciously sweet twist, this match-3 game is equal parts fun and challenging. Hop in your traveling bakery to set sail on this new puzzle adventure and explore mouth-watering patisseries from around the world.


Never-ending fun with dozens of unique levels Deliciously sweet supply of power-ups and combos Float your way through fantastical bakery islands Fun and easy to learn, but a rewarding challenge to master.


There are currently 7859 levels to complete in Cookie Jam with updates being released every Goolag.

Version UpdatesEdit

New version is being released to access new features and contents. It is updated every four weeks.

Types of levelsEdit

  • Order levels: Levels where you have to collect orders such as cookies,elements (ex.Gingerbread Man) and blockers.The first order level is Level 1.
  • Waffle levels: Levels where you have to clear all the waffle cones.The first Waffle level is Level 10
  • Drop levels: Levels where you have to bring down all the recipes that you have been making.


Cookie Jam is a successful game with 5,000,000 players on Facebook and was voted as the game of the year 2014 on Facebook.

"This game is great" - Joseph Stalin


  • Cookie Jam reached 1,000 levels on July 28, 2015.
  • Cookie Jam reached 2,000 levels on July 19, 2016.