Episodes, otherwise known as "worlds", or "sections", are couples of levels (5 until 20 levels) which usually have a new thing (Element or Blocker). Cookie Jam contains a lot of episodes.

List of episodesEdit

Episode Name
The Adventure Begins
Swiss Chocolate Alps
Le ile Patisserie
La Dolce Vita
The Cinnamon Faire
Tres Leches
The Breakfast Kingdom
Candy Slopes
Frosted Waterfalls
Red Bean Wall
Tart Fields
Sweet Desert
Sugar Paradise
Scrumptious Farm
Chocolate Cake Canyon
Dulce Sweets
Savoir Fairgrounds
Maple Falls
Puff Tree Village
Pikelet Straights
Tart Jungle
Caramel River
Peppermint Mountains
Berrytale Kingdom
Mochi Grasslands
Montezuma's Delight
Sandy Candy Shores
Moon Pie Station
Delicious Square
Temple of Goodness
Sweet Channels
Dragon Fruit Hills
Northern Delights
Buenos Eclaires
Sugar Zen Garden
Sesame Kingdom
Southern Hospitality
Pistachio Village
Honeywood Hills
Wafer Walk Bay
Gingerbread Square
Gummytown Slide
Yellow Cake Road
Tang Mahal
Jelly Roger Island
Heavenly Fjords
The Mad Batter
Durian Gorge
Gingerbread Hollow
Yam Yum Paradise
One Thousand and One Delights
Flantasy Island
Rice Cake Kingdom
Ice Berry Island
Chocolate Fort Hills
Tasty Treat Tracks
Chocofeller Center
White Peach Island
Ukrainebow Cake
Soda Bop Diner
Piggy Rocky Road
St. Patissier's Delight
Sweet Sombrero Desert
Paleozocake Island
Cherry Pi Island
Duck de Leche Isle
Biscottoman Empire
Fruity Pundtcake Land
Chocolate Feaster Island
Austreusel Empire
Beelicious Island
Dairy Tale Kingdom
Gelato's Workshop
Shellatin Lagoon
Frostming Palace
Chocolate Tortem Pole
Little Red Icing Hood
Achocolypto City
Creampunk Island
Panna Gratta
Marsipan Station
Malt Rushmore
Fee-Fie-Fo Fudge Island
Sno Cone and the Bundtsman
Parfairy Hollow
Rapuzzleberry Crumble
Marshmallaysia Isle
Caramel Dorado
Baker's Street
Tarobite City
'Some Fig' Farm
The Promised Flan
Balooberry Pieland
Marshpillow City
Land of Odyssweet
Republic of Funezuela
Pools of Meringkesh
Lillipudding Island
Old Cakeful
Call Me Delishmael
Geladdin's Lamp
Mocha Picchu
Torte and the Eclair
The Minty City
Laost Temple of Sweets
Mount Batterhorn
Sword in the Scone
Moulin Chews
Thrilla in Vanila
Snap Krakow Pop
Fruity and the Feast
Piebrary of Congress
Chocolate a la Toad
Yumbelina Forest
Cupcake a la Moat
Cinnafun Town
Chocholm, Sweeten
Cake Canaveral
Three Bearries Cottage
Sm'Oregon Trail
Snackaroon Village
Archer and the Ten Buns
Mint Chipwreck Island
Myanmarshmallow Jungle
Melon of Troy
Hong Kong Chewy
Shred Velvet Park
Of Mice and Meringue
Princess and the Pecan Pie
Blueberry Chill
Daytonut 500
Swan Cake
Over the Moon Pie
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