Cookie Jam Edit

World The Adventure Begins
Level Type Order Level
Orders 9 Green Cookies,3 Red Cookies
Moves 10
Color Cookies 5
Blockers None
Difficulty Insanely Easy
Recipe Chocolate Cupcake

Level 1 is the first level of Cookie Jam and The Adventure Begins. It's also the first Order Level. For winning this level you need to collect at least 30 points.


  • It's almost impossible to lose because the game gives hints.
  • For taking 3 stars is very easy and the recipe can be finished very easily.
  • 3 red cookies and 9 green cookies can be collected very easily in 10 moves.

Strategy Edit

  1. First follow the game's hints.
  2. Then just do a match with green cookies.

Earning stars Edit

One Star:30 points

Two Stars:100 points

Three Stars:150 points

There is no difficulty gaining all the stars because if you complete the orders, you can gain enough points for three stars.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first level of the whole game.
  • It's the first level of The Adventrure Begins.
  • It's the first order level.

Walkthrough Edit

Cookie Jam level 1

Cookie Jam level 1

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