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The Adventure Begins is the 1st episode in Cookie Jam.

New things

  • Cookies: The main objects of the game.
  • Recipes: Recipes are orders that the player has to fill on so he can make a pastry and win the level.
  • Special cookies: Cookies that are formed in a unique way and if they're matched, they do their special abilities.
  • Chocolate: You can destroy them if you make a row next to them.
  • Hints: Chef Panda shows to you some new elements in the whole game with some of those.


This episode contains levels 1-5. This episode is the easiest in Cookie Jam so it won't be a problem.

Easiest level:Level 1

Hardest level:Level 5


Level Level Type Goal Walkthrough Difficulty
Level 1 Order Level 9 Green Cookies,3 Red Cookies

Cookie Jam level 1

Very Easy
Level 2 Order Level 10 Orange Cookies,7 Yellow Cookies

Cookie Jam level 2

Very Easy
Level 3 Order Level 18 Purple Cookies,7 Red Cookies

Cookie Jam level 3

Very Easy
Level 4 Order Level 17 Red Cookies,10 Purple Cookies

Cookie Jam level 4

Level 5 Order Level 15 Red Cookies,15 Purple Cookies

Cookie Jam level 5

Very Easy



  • It's the only episode that has only 5 levels and the most new things.
  • It is the first episode with "The" in its name.
  • It's based off Paris, France with a nougat version of the Eiffel Tower.
  • This is the first island to be based on a real, specific place.