I'm now retired, probably for good. To give way for my college life and my future, I'm called for a forced retirement.

I had a hard time being active in this wiki just to keep up-to-date. I found out that spending time editing the pages is boring and should be on time when the game is actually updated. As the time progresses, my real life situations are getting intense in terms of school works and projects. As I entered the higher education, the intense works are rampant those days. After four years, I'll proceed to a proper workforce where it's unavoidable for the sake of my successful life. Even if I entered the workforce, the intense works are still around, but at a higher degree.

Edits and actions I used to doEdit

  • Updating the episode and world pages every two weeks.
  • Adding the episode and world pages when the new content is found.
  • Helping inactive admins block vandals and sockpuppets.

By the month of May, even the first day of the month, there are numerous preparations for the incoming new school year, so I chose to end my journey by the dawn of the new month.

Starting May 1, I'm no longer assuming the position of my admin rank. It's a sad day for us (users). I'll see you again, but rather never, depends on the intensity. Even if we're here to see the real ending, I'll most likely won't be around.


Cjay1997 (talk) 11:58, April 30, 2018 (UTC)

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